For more than 25 years, manufacturer of quality steel and chemical strata control and ground support consumables for the Canadian mining, tunneling and civil construction industries.

From its Canadian ground support manufacturing headquarters in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Orica has a strong focus on innovative solutions; adding new products and technical expertise for our customers.

Orica is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of chemical-based consumables, bolts, equipment, accessories and services for ground consolidation, roof support, ventilation and water control.

Roof Bolts and Plates

  • Fully Grouted Bolt Systems (Rebar, Eclipse)
  • Point Anchor Bolt Systems (Tension Rebar, HyTec, Double Lok, Continuous Thread)
  • Conventional Bolt Systems
  • Friction Rock Anchors
  • Cable Systems (Cable Bolts & Roof Trusses)
  • Surface Support Products (Push Plates -  Saab Gripper, Bearing Plates, Roof Mats, Roof Channels, Welded Wire Mesh)
  • GRP Bolts, Plates & Mesh (FiReP®)

Cementitious and Chemical Grouts

  • Pumpable Injection Grout (Tekgrout®)
  • Ultrafine Injection Cement (Ultracem®)
  • Pumpable, Thixotropic Non-Shrink Grout (Celroc P)
  • Pumpable Construction Cement (Tekrok)
  • Pumpable Blast-Proof Ventilation Seal Systems (Tekseal®)
  • Advanced Pumpable Crib Systems (Tekpak®)
  • Pumpable Foamed Cement (Tekfoam)
  • Chemical Grout Systems (Terracol and Terraset® Systems)

Anchoring Products

  • Fast-Setting Polyester Anchoring Grout (Anchortite)
  • Reinforced Polyester Resin Cartridges (Lokset®)
  • High Performance Thixotropic Silicate Resin (Carbothix)

Sealants and Coatings

  • Masonry Coating and Sealants (Airtite®)
  • Flexible, High-Strength Membrane Strata Support (Tekflex®)
  • Polymer Modified Sprayable Cement Coatings (Teknite & Tekflex® PM)